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This Is K-STEP

Our purpose is to lift the veil of mystery and ignorance which commonly surrounds the phenomenon of transgender people by providing education to universities, community colleges, drug/alcohol treatment centers, YWCAs, Kansas Equality Coalition chapters, PFLAG chapters, human relations commissions, SRS offices, faith organizations, governmental entities, employers, independent living centers, and other interested organizations throughout Kansas; and to train interested persons as transgender educators, advocates, and leaders.

Our hope is that K-STEP will enable a society free of discrimination against transgender, gender queer, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning individuals; and their families.

This website is under development.  We are, however, in full operation toward our educational mission.  We invite you to download our brochure which, when printed in the double-sided mode, results in a copy of our tri-fold document. To contact us or to arrange a presentation for your group, please write for further information.